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Our Organization & Partner Company

​We, Funlife Trading has started to be a partner company with iTEP Japan from 01th May 2021

iTEP Japan is based on iTEP International California in USA, is founded in Kanoga Park in 2004.

Our company is mainly engaged in trading, English, the universal language, is a must for us.

​So we formed a partnership with the aim of achivieng mutual synergy.

Fun Plus Co.,Ltd

Fun Life Trading Ltd.

J Works Surf T-Shirts Ltd.


Fun Plus Co.,Ltd :  is a wholly owned subsidiary of Funlife Ltd.
​J works Surf-Tshirts Ltd : is related company with Funlife Ltd.

We can find a Fun anywhere in the world.



I had been traveling around the world

when​ I was 20`s to 30`s with backpack.

​I recognized the world is, of course big and wide

and so many things make me so excited.

I will bring you exciting and throbbing items

​with FUN.



We love people`s  smile.

We will try to spread it to all over the world

by our fun items make people " be happy.

We will be a fragment to make people happy

and ​have a fun life.

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